And We’re Live!

It took a little longer than I expected, but the new site is finally up and ready. Hurray!

All of the writing-related posts from this site have been transferred over, and all new posts will be made there. So if you enjoyed my stuff, you should definitely follow me there.

The new site is and there will be a new post every 5 days. The first (a continuation of my conlang discussion) will be available for consumption on February 9th, with the next post up on the 14th (and then so on).


Don’t adjust your settings (yet)

For those who’ve stuck around, my apologies about the silence. I still haven’t figured out a good work/life/writing balance. Getting there though.
Just in time for the new year 😉
Speaking of, starting January 4th, Scribbles in the Margins (i.e., this blog) will start doing a post every two weeks.
Now there is a slight caveat to that.

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My Apologies

So I really was intending to post at least once a week, had it written in my day planner and everything that this week would be X and next week would by Y and Z. But… as you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t been posting much of anything lately. And for that I am very, very sorry.

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Jumpstarting a Stalled Story

Do you have writer’s block? Is it something you struggle with sometimes? Most of the time? All of the time?

It might help to know that you aren’t alone.

At least, that’s what so many blogs, articles, and advice columns out there would have you believe. Right before they try to convince you of the “1 simple trick to overcome writer’s block” that they, and only they, can impart.

I would formally like to call bullsh*t on this trend.

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How To Be A Creeper

One of the things that writers are supposed to be good at is describing people. Not just how they look or what they say, but their motivations, emotions, and inner workings. A character is flat (a Mary Sue/Stu), potentially unrelatable and unlikable, if the writer can’t bring these untangibles to life on the page.

So how is a writer supposed to become good at such a task? As the many bad books I’ve read over the years can attest to, it certainly is not a skill that all writers possess. (While I wouldn’t say I’m great at it, it is something that is always in the back of my mind as I write)

Well there are countless books full of “tips and tricks”, lists of personality traits, analytical examinations of human behaviour, and rules to follow. I’ve read some of them. Sometimes they’re helpful, other times not so much. What you get from them is going to depend on what book you pick up, and what your own needs are. So what other options are there?

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Can You Understand Me Now?

There are many different instances where a fictional world involves a fictional language. Klingon, Elfish, Dothraki, and Ewokese are all examples of languages created by/for a fictional world. In some cases, like Klingon, the language was created after the fact (and pieced together from fragments originally chosen to just sound right with no real meaning attached). Others, like Elfish, were created first, only to have the narrative wrapped around as an explanation and exploration of the language(s).

So how exactly does one go about creating a fictional language?

Well, obviously that depends on why you need a fictional language…

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Scribble Break

So while I finished my 50,000 words for April (by the skin of my teeth), I did not get a lot else done this past month. I’ve fallen behind on my research for these posts and have had a long hard think about my writing career. While I enjoy writing this blog, and I like to do research, I’ve decided I need to focus more actively on my writing itself.

And because I’m working full time again, that means I really need to re-evaluate how I use my time. Which means that there are going to be some changes here at Scribbles in the Margins.

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