Leaving on a Jet Plane

Hello wrimos and everyone else reading my little ol’ blog! I don’t have much of a post today for a number of reasons. The month is drawing to a close and I’m busy writing away, plus I’m leaving for Las Vegas with my sister, her best friend, and my mom. It’s her 21st birthday, so we thought we should celebrate in style (which I think just means, get drunk and see a bunch of shows…)!

For all the wrimos out there, can you believe that we’re supposed to be at 41,667 words today? I think it’s almost crazier that we’re only 8,333 words away from finishing! (Or, you’re that far away if you hit today’s goal). My own word count is at about 84,000 out of my 135,000 required (and 6 chapters). And I don’t know if I should be worried or not. I mean, it’s decent, but I’m leaving on a vacation for a week. If my experience last year is any indication, I won’t get any writing done while I’m there. Eek!

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Transportaion Inspiration

There are certain things that are intrinsic to every story, regardless of genre. One of those, is transportation. How do your characters get from one place to another? Do they walk? Perhaps they are amorphous blob creatures that simply will themselves from place to place.

Regardless of how they move, there are limits to what any character, creature, or object can traverse in any given time. It can shatter the careful illusion of a story to say that the heroes walked 100 miles in a single day. For the average person, even if they didn’t stop to eat, drink, relieve themselves, or sleep…they still couldn’t make 100 miles in 24hours. (If you’re on a world where there are more than 24 hours, well… there are still limits to human endurance)

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