Essay: Discussion of Parenting

This is a brief discussion paper I wrote on parenting styles. It’s only a single page long, but might spark some ideas or discussion for people. Additionally, when writing about how characters interact with children (either their own, or others) -or how child characters interact with the adults around them- it might be helpful to think about the styles of parenting. While nature and nurture are still much debated, it can help to think of characters as a core collection of behaviours, impulses, and tendencies (nature) that have been shaped and modified by their environment (nurture).

Does a character’s actions make sense with the backstory you’ve given them? Would a rebellious princess really lash out and run away with a permissive parent figure that gave in to their every demand? Do the parent figures act consistently? (If a permissive father gives in to every demand the princess makes, it doesn’t make sense for him to turn around and demand she do something)

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Essay: On Habits -A Response to William James’ “Habit”

Welcome to the new year! This is the time when so many people are trying to form new habits, and break old ones. So I thought it appropriate to include a brief paper I wrote in response to William James’ Habit (for a psychology class, of course).
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A Study of Creativity

Today I’m going to share an essay I wrote for an English class; it’s an interesting (at least to me) cross between the study of plays and psychology. Samuel Beckett wrote two plays (Rough for Radio 1 and Rough for Radio 2) that explore creativity. The plays themselves were… strange. It’s pretty obvious that he’s using personification, metaphor, and allusion to explore the concept of creativity. It’ll help if you’re familiar with these two plays, but hopefully the following modified essay will be clear enough for everyone else.

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