Roughing Up Your Hero

In almost any story, the hero faces challenges that are dangerous to life and/or limb. This isn’t always the case, obviously, but I think it’s obvious that there are a large number of instances where the hero gets beaten up, shot, stabbed, tortured, or injured in some other way. For people who aren’t physiotherapists, doctors, or other medical professionals the types of injuries that people can suffer can be a daunting task to look into. Because really, a person can be injured in an infinite number of ways.

Still, there are certain constraints that should* be placed on our heroes.

(*should, but often aren’t. Like when a hero gets thrown from a car in a motor accident and then walks over to the bad guys’ car and shoots them repeatedly. While adrenaline can do many wonderful things to keep a severely injured person moving, there are limits to what a body can withstand)

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Transportaion Inspiration

There are certain things that are intrinsic to every story, regardless of genre. One of those, is transportation. How do your characters get from one place to another? Do they walk? Perhaps they are amorphous blob creatures that simply will themselves from place to place.

Regardless of how they move, there are limits to what any character, creature, or object can traverse in any given time. It can shatter the careful illusion of a story to say that the heroes walked 100 miles in a single day. For the average person, even if they didn’t stop to eat, drink, relieve themselves, or sleep…they still couldn’t make 100 miles in 24hours. (If you’re on a world where there are more than 24 hours, well… there are still limits to human endurance)

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