Lost in History

So on February 25th I wrote about the basics of developing world history. I didn’t talk too much about how to decide just how much world history to create. In that post I gave examples of what types of events you might want to incorporate into your world’s history. Which is great. Having ideas can kick-start your world history development. But it’s also incredibly easy to get lost in that same history.

With many world building projects, you need to know when to stop. Sure, you can know the exact skeletal and muscular make-up of every single creature unique to your story, and you can know every little detail about the created plants, poisons, diseases, technologies, etc. etc. etc. If you let yourself get carried away you are never going to get any work done on your actual story.

But don’t let this scare you off of world building!

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World History, the Basics

So you’ve got a world and, yeup, it sure had a history. Stuff happened and everything!

If I ask you what sort of stuff can you answer? Without mumbling and making vague something up on the spot?

No? That’s okay. I’m going to help you with that today.

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Hunting in Europe, 11th – 13th Centuries

First of all, sorry about missing a post earlier this week. As the holidays draw ever closer I find I have less and less time. But then, I expect most people are finding the same. I hopefully won’t miss anymore posts, but if I do it’s probably because of holiday stuff. Now, on to what you’re actually here for:

Way back in my first year of university I took a history class focused on the middle ages. At that point, I was fascinated by that time period and had done extensive reading on it. Unfortunately, there were a few times I lost marks on tests for using “outside knowledge”. It was the first time I’d really experienced what people had warned me about university. The profs only want you to parrot their opinions back to them. Thankfully, it was also one of the last times I experienced it. Most of my others profs were much more open-minded, so long as I was correct and/or could back my views up with proper sources.

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So tomorrow is Remembrance Day. While it’s supposed to be a day that we remember the sacrifices made by veterans, and specifically the end of WWI, I find it’s also a good day to just remember the past in general. And because it’s November and National Novel Writing Month, I’m going to talk a little bit about creating back stories for our characters. (Plus I’ll have an excerpt from my novel for you at the end of this post)

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All Hallows Eve

Can you believe that Halloween is right around the corner?! eeee! <(..<) ^(. .)^ (>..)>

If you can’t tell, Halloween is just about my all time favourite holiday of the year. Whether you call it Halloween, All Hallows Eve, or Samhain, I’m sure you’ve got to admit that this holiday has a long history. It’s pretty common knowledge that Halloween was original a Celtic festival to celebrate the end of harvest/the year, and the day when the barriers between this year and the next were thinnest. According to legend, that is why people dressed up. They were attempting to scare away the evil spirits by wearing frightening costumes and carrying jack-o-lanterns.

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