Follow the Money

Today’s post, was unfortunately supposed to be last week, but due to some internet and scheduling difficulties, it got bumped back. Apologies. This post is going to wrap up the discussion about finances and economics for your fictional world. We previously talked about types of currency, as well as some considerations about items produced and sold. Today we’re going to discuss economic models.

But before that frightens you off, let me explain!

Economic models can be as simple, or complex, as you want to make them. They are a way of showing how money moves through society. Now, once more, I’m a writer, not an economics guru type person, so please keep that in mind. While I believe the more complex models can also help predict how an economy is going to perform, that is a bit beyond the scope of what I am going to talk about.

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Goods In My Market

Welcome back after the brief hiatus! Just a reminder that, going forward, there will only be one update each week. Eventually I would like to return to the one every 4 days schedule that I was using, but that will be a ways away.

So today I’m continuing my talk on fictional economics. On April 18, I shared a post that challenged you to think up new types of currency rather than relying on the old standard of metal coins. Today I want to talk about what sort of things your characters might buy (or sell) using their chips, marks, stones, or other currency.

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Coins In My Pocket

So, like many other of the world building topics I like to talk about, there are books, blogs, videos, and forums that have discussed economics in relation to creating a fictional world. Apparently Grain Into Gold is really good, and Farm, Forge, and Steam is free. Then Clarkesworld Magazine did interviews with some authors about the economics of their worlds, and Fantasy Faction has a post about it too.

Further, I’m not an econ-nerd, nut, or expert. I like to play with numbers, but I never even took an economics class in university. So… my approach to this particular world building problem is going to be very non-technical. Depending on what you need, that may or may not be a good thing.

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