Follow the Money

Today’s post, was unfortunately supposed to be last week, but due to some internet and scheduling difficulties, it got bumped back. Apologies. This post is going to wrap up the discussion about finances and economics for your fictional world. We previously talked about types of currency, as well as some considerations about items produced and sold. Today we’re going to discuss economic models.

But before that frightens you off, let me explain!

Economic models can be as simple, or complex, as you want to make them. They are a way of showing how money moves through society. Now, once more, I’m a writer, not an economics guru type person, so please keep that in mind. While I believe the more complex models can also help predict how an economy is going to perform, that is a bit beyond the scope of what I am going to talk about.

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Can You Understand Me Now?

There are many different instances where a fictional world involves a fictional language. Klingon, Elfish, Dothraki, and Ewokese are all examples of languages created by/for a fictional world. In some cases, like Klingon, the language was created after the fact (and pieced together from fragments originally chosen to just sound right with no real meaning attached). Others, like Elfish, were created first, only to have the narrative wrapped around as an explanation and exploration of the language(s).

So how exactly does one go about creating a fictional language?

Well, obviously that depends on why you need a fictional language…

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Goods In My Market

Welcome back after the brief hiatus! Just a reminder that, going forward, there will only be one update each week. Eventually I would like to return to the one every 4 days schedule that I was using, but that will be a ways away.

So today I’m continuing my talk on fictional economics. On April 18, I shared a post that challenged you to think up new types of currency rather than relying on the old standard of metal coins. Today I want to talk about what sort of things your characters might buy (or sell) using their chips, marks, stones, or other currency.

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Scribble Break

So while I finished my 50,000 words for April (by the skin of my teeth), I did not get a lot else done this past month. I’ve fallen behind on my research for these posts and have had a long hard think about my writing career. While I enjoy writing this blog, and I like to do research, I’ve decided I need to focus more actively on my writing itself.

And because I’m working full time again, that means I really need to re-evaluate how I use my time. Which means that there are going to be some changes here at Scribbles in the Margins.

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Celebrate Your Parents

I hope everyone’s NaNo went well, or that you’ve got time today to make one last big push. However far you’ve got left, believe in yourself! Even if you don’t quite make it, you’ll still have written 1,000 words, or 10, 20, 30, 40k. Good job!

To help unwind from the madness that is NaNo, I wanted to take a look at two non-stat holidays that are coming up.
Specifically, Mother’s Day is on May 10 and Father’s Day is on June 22 this year.

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Hurry Up and Write

So I had originally wanted to start a series on creating fictional languages today, but… Between Camp NaNo and a new job, I’m finding I have less time for my Scribbles.

Instead, I’m going to share a few insights from a habitual NaNoer.

In the past I’ve struggled to complete 50k in a month, I’ve blown through the 50k like it was nothing, and I’ve hugged that 1,667-words-a-day line like my life depended on it.

Across those various results I’ve planned, plotted, pantsed, and winged it.

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Happy Earth Day

Today is the day we all take a moment to remind ourselves to be more conscientious about the environment. If you aren’t aware of it, Earth Day is an annual event (though a Earth Day Every Day campaign has been launched this year). You’re supposed to think about ways you can be more green, and try to make an effort to reduce your carbon footprint.

I’ve always liked it because of the cool crafts that are associated with it 🙂

Things like Earth Buddies, Terrariums, Vertical Gardens, Garden Bugs, Birdhouses, and Bird Feeders.

You might also like to try your hand at Composting, Building a Greenhouse, Planting a Butterfly Garden, or Planting Trees.

Enjoy your Earth Day, and I hope you’re able to take a moment to appreciate the Earth and how amazing it is 🙂