Don’t adjust your settings (yet)

For those who’ve stuck around, my apologies about the silence. I still haven’t figured out a good work/life/writing balance. Getting there though.
Just in time for the new year 😉
Speaking of, starting January 4th, Scribbles in the Margins (i.e., this blog) will start doing a post every two weeks.
Now there is a slight caveat to that.

I’m in the process of building a shiny new site. One that isn’t going to be hosted at WordPress. (Though still going to use the WordPress website builder, because it’s awesome)
The site isn’t up yet, but it will be (or .com –they’re both mine).
If I don’t have the site ready for the 4th then I won’t start the new posting schedule.
One of the big things that is going to delay the new site is that I am transferring all my old posts to the new site. They’ll still be available here, but they’ll be updated and streamlined on the new site. (For example, I’m not going to transfer posts like this–just the ones with writing applicable content)
When the site goes live I’ll make another post over here.
I intend to leave this blog live (but inactive), but there is a decent chance that in a year or so I’ll delete it. So if you liked my stuff, make sure you bookmark the new site when it’s ready! 🙂

Happy Holidays!


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