NaNo Prep & Calendars

Despite having a hectic schedule, I’m going to be attempting NaNo again this November. Which of course means that the last weeks of October are almost as hectic. There’s work to be finished, the house to be cleaned, Halloween to be prepared for–all before any real work on my writing can be started.

And because my schedule is crammed so full it looks like a sausage in a mini-dress, I have been procrastinating. With calendars. Again.

Someone in one of my groups on Inked Voices recommended the NaNo calendar created by David Seah. It is very pretty, and I love that there are little boxes to mark off/colour in.

But my goal this November is 90,000 words instead of the traditional 50,000. So I took the basic idea/design of that calendar and created my own version. Some basic changes are that I started the calendar week on Sunday rather than Monday, I changed the colour scheme, and added a little motivation to each day (rather than having a message on only a few).

And then I thought that I should make variants for more than just 90k because people may want to write more or less. And I added a second colour variant.

So I made a 50, 60, 70, 75, 80, 90, and 100k version in “Sea Foam” or “Berry”. It’s all in one PDF, so just print the appropriate page for the calendar you want to use. et viola! NANOWRIMO 2015 Calendars

(“Sea Foam” is teal and pale blue, while “Berry” is fuchsia and pale purple)


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