My Apologies

So I really was intending to post at least once a week, had it written in my day planner and everything that this week would be X and next week would by Y and Z. But… as you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t been posting much of anything lately. And for that I am very, very sorry.

Not that I expect many people to care, but I’ve been busy with July NaNo and trying to build a deck. From scratch. Just my hubby and I (and occasional help from friends/family). Can I just say that there is a damn good reason why contractors charge so much. This is hard work that takes forever and a day, and it is none to kind on joints and muscles (especially any that many be problematic to begin with).

It will look fabulous when it’s done. But right now I hate it (and my back) so much.

I can only promise to try very hard to get back to a regular posting schedule in September. Though the deck will be done or abandoned by then, that’s also when Guiding starts back up. And I’ve agreed to run a second (third?)¬†group. So my Sparks and Brownies take up my Monday nights, and now Pathfinders have claimed my Wednesdays. Past me was an over ambitious pain in present-me’s-butt.


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