Scribble Break

So while I finished my 50,000 words for April (by the skin of my teeth), I did not get a lot else done this past month. I’ve fallen behind on my research for these posts and have had a long hard think about my writing career. While I enjoy writing this blog, and I like to do research, I’ve decided I need to focus more actively on my writing itself.

And because I’m working full time again, that means I really need to re-evaluate how I use my time. Which means that there are going to be some changes here at Scribbles in the Margins.

First, I am taking a short break from the blog entirely. You won’t see any new posts for the month of May. I plan to resume posting June 1st, but this may change. It’ll depend on how well my new schedule works.

2nd, when I resume posting, it isn’t going to be as frequent. Right now I’ve been posting something once every 4 days (though I missed yesterday). While I like to have something that often, it’s a lot of work. Especially when it is a topic that requires extra research. So in June I will be posting something once a week. Occasionally there will be an extra post, but they will be extra.

C, in a couple months (I’m aiming for September) I’m going to start the long process of getting a novel published. I’m going to start with the traditional method (i.e., querying a literary agent), but expect to receive many rejection letters. Once this starts, I’ll share developments as they happen if there’s an ongoing interest.

IV) If you are a writer (published, unpublished, never want to be published, or regretting telling your co-workers that you write stories) and have any thoughts, ideas, research, or insights about any aspect of writing that you’d like to share, I’d welcome guest posts or requests for future topics. Tweet at me (@agwitow) if you do!

I think that’s everything. So see y’all in a month.


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