Typewriter in a Tent

So we’re 10 days into the first 2015 Camp NaNo. How’re you doing? I realize that the camps are aimed at people who’s schedules don’t line up with the traditional November of writing, but there’s a good chunk of participants who aren’t students or other individuals with a seasonal sort of schedule. It makes it difficult, but then… traditional NaNo is difficult.

At 10 days, you should have 16,667 words (if you’re aiming to write 50,000 words that is). I’ve been on track so far for the month, but I haven’t been writing as much as I would like. I know that sounds a little silly. I’m reaching my goal, but still complaining that I’m not writing enough. For my past several NaNo wins it hasn’t so much been reaching the word count goal that’s been so satisfying. It’s been knowing that I tried my hardest. Poured sweat, blood, and tears into my novels. And just… created something new.

So maybe, it’s because this April is a revision project. Or maybe it’s because it doesn’t feel like it’s as much effort. (Not to say I’m just retyping the same story. There are new scenes and extra research and shifted dynamics. But the core story is already there) Not to say that I’m not taking full advantage of the opportunity and motivation to complete this project. I just feel like for me, this April, saying “I wrote 50,000” words just doesn’t quite feel like the same accomplishment. I think my personal goal is going to be completing the revision AND the editing of the manuscript. I want to be able to start looking at submitting the story. Which means I need to really step up my game.

No silly in-jokes, or fanciful scenes just to make my word count go up. Every single word I write has to feel like it belongs there. Like the story would be less if I removed that word. Which is why there needs to be a revision and then editing done. I’m not perfect. There are going to be typos, or sentences I worded funny because -at the time- they felt like they should be said ~this~ way when they should have been said *this* way.

But you know what’s really cool about doing an April NaNo (in the Northern Hemisphere)? I can go outside! Weather is wonky where I live, so I’m not comfortable setting up a tent in my backyard, but it’s tempting sometimes. Still, being able to go outside and feel the sun beaming down on the world, the birds chirping in the trees, the gentle scent of flowers, grass, and trees waking up… Spring really is a lovely season 🙂

Now, if it can just hold off snowing again, I might actually do some writing out there!


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