A New Year

So today is New Year’s Eve. Who’s looking forward to 2015?

I know that culturally some people don’t celebrate the New Year until later, and some already have. But based on the calendar, tomorrow is the start of a new year. I’m always on the look out for a good day planner, but every year I’m always disappointed. My biggest complaint is that most of them only go from 8 am to 6 pm! I have sh*t to do before and after that time bracket, thank you very much!

So for the past couple of years I’ve tried to make my own day planners. I’ve had a mix of success.

On the one hand, I have from 6 am to 10 pm every day (hurrah!). But on the other, it takes so many pages to get through the entire year that I have to print the planner in chunks. (I use half-page paper and put it in the Avery mini binders from Staples… which only come in a single width. 1″… and are apparently no longer available…)

This year, I’ve tightened my day planner up so that it has two days per page (rather than one day per page). Even with including extra things (like an address book, pages to track vehicle maintenance, and doctor appointments/test results) it will be the first time it’ll all fit in the binder! I’m quite excited 😀

DayPlanner1 DayPlanner2

(yes, that has a Feb. 29th -I’ll delete that page before I print, but this way I don’t need to worry about the hassle of inserting it for 2016)

I just use MS Word to make my little planner, and I really enjoy the ability to make a planner that includes what I want/need, rather than using something that’s bland and generic. Those boxes at the bottom of the 6 am – 10 pm time slots are for me to track exercise and caloric intake -because I dislike having to have multiple books to track things.

In 2014 I unfortunately stopped using my day planner around April because an injury had me off work. I transitioned to using Google Calendars on my phone, but… :S I didn’t really like it. It still didn’t encompass everything I wanted. The best I could say for it was that I could add a pre-made calendar of holidays (though it also included holidays I didn’t care about, like Louis Riel day…)

At one point I had toyed with the idea of selling day planners that I made, but… the cost I’d have to sell them at to make any sort of profit pretty much guaranteed that nobody would buy them. Just to cover the cost of materials, each day planner would have to be $32.68… then you have to add in the cost of labour and whatever shipping would be required… They would be rather expensive day planners. A Blueline, 2 days per page day planner (8″ x 5″) costs $11.83… That’s a little smaller than the ones I make (8.5″ x 5.5″), and mine have a hard cover thanks to the binder, but I don’t think that justifies how much more money they would be. Plus I’d either have to design images myself, or purchase ones that could be part of a commercial product… >.< Such a headache!

Have you ever designed your own day planner? Do you ever despair at the traditional day planners available? Would you be willing to pay $40 (or more) plus shipping for a custom day planner?

If you aren’t despairing over the need to get a new day planner, is there anything you’re looking forward to in 2015? Worried about? This is certainly the day to be thinking of such things!


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