Time Constraints

My apologies to anybody who was looking forward to more of my posts (all none of you?). My little card game has turned into an almost full time endeavour trying to get it up off the ground. I found an artist that I really liked, but it seems he isn’t going to be able to make the full time commitment that I would need. #sadface

The good news though is that he’ll be able to make just enough to get an Indiegogo campaign started. Yay! (and as I’m not from the States, Kickstarter isn’t actually an option for me) I hope that the small handful of people following this blog will check out the campaign when it gets posted some time in June. I promise to keep you updated with what’s going on as the launch day comes closer.

Now, unfortunately, trying to find artists and get everything all lined up (manufacturing, broader playtests, and campaign details) leaves little time to do research and even less to share it with all you wonderful webby people. I’ve had little enough time to work on my own stories as well. It is most certainly frustrating when it seems like there’s never enough time to get everything done. I realize that I could probably find the time, but I feel frazzled enough at the moment. I need my hour in the morning to read my webcomics and check out the lasted articles on Cracked.com (it’s an addiction). I think my problem comes more into play when that “hour in the morning” turns into three or four…

Well, I need to get ready for the day (as it’s just a couple minutes before noon and I’m still in my PJs)… Hopefully your day is more productive than mine!


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