Stationary Isle

This has no real relevance to writing… at least not directly, but I still wanted to share.

Whenever I go shopping the Stationary Isle is my Siren, calling me towards almost certain doom… Doesn’t matter if I’m at Superstore, Staples, or the Dollar Store. That long isle with the pens and pencils, erasers and white-out, notebooks and binders… I just can’t seem to resist it. Inevitably, I am drawn down it, and once that happens I am done for.

Despite the still functioning pens in my purse, or the numerous unused notebooks sitting on my desk, I still feel compelled to buy something. Today it was two more notebooks, though I think I’ll get more use out of these than I usually do. These were just surprisingly nice for the Dollar Store. Letter sized paper in a coil, hard-cover with interesting “textured” designs. One looks like a wooden desktop, and the other like red sand. I was helpless against them. Helpless!


In all seriousness, I do have to avoid the Stationary Isle when I’m out shopping. I really do always come home with something new whenever I wander down it. (I will grant the exception being when I have somebody with me that points out how silly/useless it is for my to buy yet another set of pens) Heck, sometimes I even just buy packs of looseleaf, even though I haven’t used looseleaf and binders for many years! It’s a bit of an addiction, I suppose, though I don’t think I’m quite ready for rehab yet…

Anybody else share my strange fascination and compulsive buying down the Stationary Isle?


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