Whenever I start a new story I inevitably end up contemplating whether I should continue writing the story, or if I should switch to a different format. Would this work better as a play? A movie? Maybe a (web) comic… Is it too visual of a story to convey properly on paper?

I will grant that there are masters of every medium who can tell a truly compelling story that doesn’t seem like it would work very well in that format. Myself, I am not one of those masters. I don’t know if I ever will be.

And don’t misunderstand me. This is different from daydreaming about writing an amazing book and getting movie deals and Broadway adaptations made of it. What I am talking about here is that moment (which may or may not be peculiar to me) where you pause with a new story and go “Can I really do this story justice if I continue as I am?”

Personally, I’m a very visual person and so when I’m dreaming up stories they play in my mind like I’m watching a movie. While I think it might be cool to see my stories on the silver screen, I know that there are things I want in it that don’t translate well to that format. Inner dialogue, for instance. And narrator perspective. Both are aspects that I truly love about written works. But because of the visual nature by which my stories are born I eventually wonder if it would do better as a web comic. Such a medium would allow the more visual aspects of the story to be displayed while still allowing for some of the things a written work offers that a movie can’t. Plus it would mean that my story could have an audience almost immediately, rather than in a  year or two.

I usually end up drawing a sample page or two to test it out. (Some examples: Frozen Hearts, How it Happened version 1, How it Happened version 2, and unfortunately I don’t have the version 3 uploaded… ’cause apparently I’m lazy? Which is a shame, version 3 was by far the best art wise…)



And that’s really all my musing…

Does anybody else ever experience something similar? Maybe it goes the other way for you? Let me know 🙂


One thought on “Medium

  1. I thought I was the only one. This always happens, without fail. And then I spend months and months feeling that I am going in the wrong direction, without knowing what the “right” direction really is.

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